Dancehall Super Beat-maker Release First Riddim Compilation "Evil Dawg Riddim"

New York base Young Upcoming beat maker from Belize known for his innovative production and beat making skills, Devin Peyrefitte, release his first Riddim Compilation featuring the top hardcore Dancehall artist from his home country.

The project came about after spending a couple months back home to work with a few artist to prepare them on taking their music outside of Belize and bringing attention to the small country with endless talents to offer.  

“I take pride in my country and everything I do I try to involve my flag” says producer when ask about his involvement with producing and incorporating his culture with Jamaican Dancehall culture.

“I never gone da Jamaica before but trust mi it’s like I live deh. I know every link I need to know and have connections to every artist and most producers”.

“The style I add to my beats instill inna me from back home. Just like Jamaica we beat pan desk and klim pan from we da lee bwai d run bout and da skool. And plus we culture very simila even the language”.

Perf is popularly known for his productions with labels like TJ Records, Studio Vibes Entertainment, Armzhouse Records, Yellow Moon and many others.

When asked about artist that he has worked with or recorded on his beats his response was, “ Well so artist people know me fi work with da Vybz Kartel, Konshens uhm alkaline record pan 2 ah my beats fi wa label already and lot more. Almost every artist I think done do wa song pan one ah my beats. Like I do so much beats fi labels that they have artist from all over pan it. 

2018 Perf is looking to step from behind the scenes and release projects under his production label including his first release for the year, Evil Dawg Riddim. The first release, volume 1, is out now on YouTube. Volume 2 which will feature Jamaican artist is set to release at a later date as he’s currently recording artist. “I’m gonna take time with this project. I wa tek time with the artist I put on it and promote it properly Caz I know it can do good on the streets Caz da wa street Riddim fi the thugs and hardcore fans”. 

In terms of what else to expect, Perf will also be releasing a bunch of singles and other compilations with big names artist and looking to debut his 3 artist from back home (Stig Da Artist, Worl Foe & Don Doe) to the world market. “I have 3 artist I’m working with from back home who talented bad and have crazy projects to release. They da the future”. “But for now let’s focus on EVIL DAWG RIDDIM”.

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