Who are Rre and ColtonT targeting on their new song!? [Audio Inside]

Brand new release for the European label South Trade Records in collaboration with the sexy Jamaican diva Rre and the young talented ColtonT from Dominica.

The song is called ''Husband Machine'' and it's all about the controversial topic ''equal rights'', topic that is firing up the music industry and every entertainment media in Jamaica.

This time the focus is not on the alleged sexual performances like in Ishawna's hit song, but it is on the daily life of a couple, with Rre and ColtonT playing the roles.

The Dominican artist is indeed saying "She a talk bout equal rights equal" and Rre is replying "bwoy stop with your noise, cuz a long time you want a trophy wife".

The jamaican diva also said on a statement "It's a pity, most men want a strong independent woman but when they finally get them they can't manage the entire package".

The song, distributed by Zojak Worldwide, has been released on the 12th of January and it is available on every digital platform.

Some fans are already discussing on social media wondering if some lines are shots aiming at sexist statements made by other Jamaican djs.


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